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Porcupine Tree Releases New Track

Porcupine Tree released their single Rats Return off their upcoming full-length release Closer/Continuation, which is out June 24th, along with an accompanying video.

‘Rats Return’ is about those who claim to have the interests of the people at heart, but when it comes down to it there is only ego and self-interest,” says PORCUPINE TREE founder Steven Wilson. “I find myself reflecting on what sort of person would actually be so driven as to want to rule over a whole nation, and aren’t these people by definition the very last people that should be allowed to do so? The rats will always save themselves first.”

“Closure/Continuation” will be available as a seven-track standard CD, standard black vinyl 2×12″ LP, white vinyl 2×12″ LP, transparent blue vinyl 2×12″ LP, limited edition white cassette, and digital download. A limited audiophile deluxe LP will also be available, cut at 45rpm on 3×12″ clear vinyl in 12″ slipcase box with two bonus tracks; a limited audiophile deluxe CD in 12″ slipcase box will include the standard CD, a second disc with three bonus tracks and album instrumentals, Blu-ray disc with 5.1/Dolby Atmos and HD audio versions of the album, and an exclusive album art book.

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